Dear Men and Women who serve on the front lines of protecting and serving our country and local community,

Thank You.

One of San Diego’s best qualities is that we are home to countless service men and women who reside both temporarily and permanently here. And we acknowledge that Stay Classy CrossFit continues to exist, in part, to the hundreds of service men and women who have invested their energy with us from our start back in 2013. We take pride in being a “civilian” outlet for these brothers and sisters who find solace in our shared practice and our environment. And we will continue to do our best in offering our salutations to those alive and paying tribute to those whom have passed through our Hero WODs, community gatherings, and daily interactions.

It is our honor and gratitude to be a space of peace and betterment to the men and women both active and retired in positions of military and first responder service. Since our inception, we have been staffed by and equally in support of these fine men and women in the armed forces and medical field who dedicate their lives to our country and our local community. We recognize the importance of their service, do our best to be respectful to their dynamic lifestyles, and aim to provide a place where they can feel “at home away from home”.

As a token of our immense gratitude, we offer a military and first responders specific membership pricing. If you are (or have served) in the military and/ or are a first responder, we created our Classy Care ($145/ month*) membership for you. This is the top tier membership offering unlimited classes and access to open gym membership at a discounted price. We understand the demands of your schedule so we have instilled a month to month, no long term contract policy to ensure you pay only for the valuable time you invest with us. In addition, because we know your spouse / significant life partner is an important backbone to your well-being, we also extend our Classy Care membership pricing to that partner as well should you seek to share this experience with them.

Again, thank you for your service and we look forward to celebrating life and community, here and in memory, alongside you at Stay Classy CrossFit.

*All Memberships are Month To Month, No Long Term Contracts, 15 day cancellation notice required by email.