As some of you may know, Coach Peter has recently shifted the programming at Stay Classy to focus on weightlifting.  Aside from being excited, here are a few things you should expect as you attempt to perfect the clean & jerk and snatch.


+More volume-

If performed correctly, the clean & jerk and snatch are two of the best total body exercises out there.  Every muscle is needed on every rep to ensure correct movement. Additionally, moving more efficiently on your lifts will positively impact how much weight you will be able to move.


+Watch your back-

From pull to catch, a good clean or snatch takes less than a second, leaving no time to think about your movementwhich can leave some muscle groups doing more work than they should.  This leads to premature isolated musclefatigue, making it impossible to maintain sound movement, and that leads to injury.  Pair that with tight muscles due toextended periods of daytime sitting, and you’re asking for trouble.  To help alleviate the problem, take extra care in your warm up, paying special attention to mobility.


+Aches and Pains-

When switching the focus of training, you can expect toexperience some minor aches and pains.  With our shift to weightlifting, you can expect a little extra joint and muscle soreness too.  Listen to your body when it comes to loading the bar.  If it feels TOO HEAVY, it probably is.  If it feels REALLY HEAVY, you should tighten up your body like never before and rep it out.  



There is no quicker way to improve your ability to perform correct technique during the clean & jerk and snatch, than to increase mobility throughout all axis of motion in the body.  Show up early and mobilize.  If you don’t know how, ask a Coach.  Do this, and you will experience levels of gain in weightlifting like never before.


Weightlifting can help you improve your speed and coordination, which will translate directly into yourCrossFit workouts. Not to mention, the pursuit of lifting heavy weights overhead solicits a fantastic physiological response in your body (gains).  


Take advantage of the environment at Stay Classy, have fun, and train hard.




+Koach Kody-