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CrossFit is cool, but you know what's cooler!?!  A CrossFit experience built on the foundation of Approachability, Accessibility, and Affordability.  

Somehow you were led to us and we were led to you.  Together, we are here.  First time to try CrossFit?  We got you.  Years on years of experience and competing in CrossFit?  We got you.  Somewhere in the middle and just want to try something new or find a fresh space to add spice to your everyday routine?  We got you.  If you live locally in San Diego and are looking to engage in an experience like no other, we, at Stay Classy CrossFit are here with an open door, come just as you are.

What makes Classy, classy?

  • The Crew. We have recruited and vetted a squad of seasoned Coaches who have a diverse background in athletics, nutrition, coaching, competing, service, etc. but most effective of all, who genuinely care about you and your personal life development.

  • The Community. Classes from 5am - 7pm, Monday - Friday. (Earliest class in SD)

  • The Cost. Membership rates & terms you can't beat (Best in SD)

  • The Competition. We host in-house comps, attend local comps, and oh yeah, we've sent a team to the California Super Regionals.

  • The Culture. Monthly commUNITY events and strong participation in neighborhood volunteering

  • The Conclusion. You'll get stronger, you'll be happier, you'll feel better about yourself.

Our Goal at Stay Classy CrossFit is to help you create "The Best Hour of your Day".  We know what you're going through in some shape or form on the day to day.  We recognize the work it takes to make it to the gym and back to home or job after.  We know your time is valuable.  And so we've carefully curated our space to make sure it is the type of environment where you can consistently care for, challenge, and change yourself for the better.  Our motto: Dare More Boldly.

Fill out the form below, come on in and visit in person, or shoot us an email and let's get together.  

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Contact us via email at OR call/ text us at (619) 500-4979

2191 Main St. Suite B, San Diego, CA. 92113