"Oh, do we have news for you!!!"

Private School Education at Public School Prices

                                   CLASS SCHEDULE                                                     Duration of classes are approximately 60 minutes

Monday - Friday: 
5:00am CrossFit
6:00am CrossFit
12 noon CrossFit
4:00pm CrossFit
5:00pm CrossFit
6:00pm CrossFit
7:00pm CrossFit- Mon-Wed Only*

7:00pm Thursday: Nama'Stay Classy: Yoga            

7:00pm Friday: No class

*Group Fundamentals by appointment only. Subject to change. Monday and Wednesday at 7pm Friday at 6pm

9:00am Nama'Stay Classy: Restorative Yoga                                                                          10:00am Free community CrossFit
11:00am Barrio Barbell**

10:00am - 12pm Open Gym (Members Only)


*Group fundamentals is a sequence of classes for those just starting their CrossFit journey. Please inquire to sign up or with further questions.

**Barrio Barbell - Technique class focused on the Clean & Jerk and Snatch

The Best "Value for Money" Gym in Town!

Monthly Membership Options* : (As of Oct 1, 2018)
(1) "Classy" $155/mo - Unlimited classes to all programs.  Full member privileges.
(2) "Classy Care" $135/mo - Military, First Responders, F&B Industry, Students, Single Parents.
(3) "Classy Counts" $115/mo - Access to 3 classes per week.

*All Memberships are Month To Month, No Long Term Contracts

Private CrossFit Fundamentals Option: $200 - 1st month membership + 3 Personal Lessons (1 on 1) at your convenience 

Drop-In (Walk Ins Welcome): $15/ single class to $50/ week pass Visit our Drop In page

For all inquiries please email us at stayclassycrossfit@gmail.com